Job Opening

Position Title: PhD Fellowships
Part/Full:Full Time
Date Available:9/1/2021

The Texas A&M – Department of Animal Science is seeking three PhD students to fill USDA-AFRI National Needs Fellowships (NNF) designed to meet national needs for multicultural scientists, professionals, and leaders in Agricultural Sciences. A fundamental step to meet the increasing global demand for animal protein is to develop specific management for Bos indicus-influenced cattle in tropical or subtropical regions, which contains 80% of the world’s cattle population. Accordingly, NNF fellows will receive comprehensive and innovative training on beef cattle production in tropical and subtropical environments. Fellows completing this NNF will: 1) develop an understanding of science (fundamental and applied levels) and precision agriculture on a holistic and integrative level, 2) communicate effectively with various audiences, including scientific peers and stakeholders, and 3) be competitive in attaining leadership positions in academia, industry, and government.

The NNF fellows will be trained by the three project directors (Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, Dr. Ky Pohler, and Dr. Luis Tedeschi) in areas related to “Beef Production in Tropical/Subtropical Environments”: 1) Overall physiology, growth, and health of calf-pairs to feedlot cattle; 2) Physiological and molecular mechanisms that control reproductive efficiency in beef cattle' and 3) Integration of scientific knowledge of ruminant nutrition to solve contemporary problems, including nutrition models, and address the needs related to environmental stewardship and food security.

The NNF Fellows will learn major concepts related to beef cattle growth, nutrition, health, and reproduction at fundamental and applied levels while considering precision agriculture tools to further enhance production efficiency and promote environmental stewardship. To apply for one of these NNF fellowships, please review the following information below: 1) NNF recipients must be US citizens or nationals; 2) applicants from underrepresented groups will receive special consideration; 3) NNF fellows will receive a competitive stipend; 4) applications will be accepted until all three NNF positions are filled. 5) submit letters of intent and curriculum vitae as a PDF to; and 6) NNF fellows are funded by the USDA-NIFA #2021-38420-34069.

Company/Institution:Texas A&M University
City, State:College Station, TX
Zip Code:77843
Country:United States

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