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Position Title: Postdoctoral
Part/Full:Full Time
Date Available:3/30/2018

The Animal Science Department of the College of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz, ESALQ, USP Campus Piracicaba, SP, offers postdoctoral fellowship with FAPESP scholarship. Candidates must have a degree in Veterinary Medicine, have completed a PhD for less than 7 (seven) years, have no employment relationship, must dedicate themselves exclusively to the research project, must have proven experience in reproduction and nutrition of ruminants and knowledge of English for writing, reading and speaking. The selected candidate will work on the development of the thematic project "TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS FOR THE ENHANCEMENT OF PRODUCTIVITY IN BEEF CATTLE: - Nutritional and genetic interrelationships about puberty, reproduction and production - Protocols for FTAI Genic expression of reproductive processes. "(FAPESP 2014 / 14136-4). The PosDoc will be responsible for finalizing the project: Effect of early weaning and Daily Average Gain (ADG) on the appearance of puberty in Nellore and Nelore x Angus crossbred heifers. The proposed project comprises two experiments, which aim to evaluate the interaction between two GMD (medium and high) in two periods of heifer life (Phase 1 - from 3 to 7 months; Phase 2 - from 7 months to puberty) with age at puberty of Nelore heifers and Nelore-Angus crusaders, as well as the physiological and reproductive processes that occur before puberty in each experimental group. For this, it is desirable to have experience in: English language for reading, scientific writing and conversation; Ovarian ultrasonography of bovine females; Techniques of estrus synchronization (hormonal protocols) in bovine females; Artificial insemination and transfer of embryos in bovine females; Artificial insemination and embryo transfer in small ruminants; Laboratory techniques in the areas of cytology, histology, embryology and hormonal; Large animal clinic; Management of cattle; Nutrition of ruminants; Use of tractor and agricultural implements; Teaching and coordination of research groups. Portuguese language for Reading, scientific writing and conversation The PosDoc will also participate in the activities related to the thematic project, supporting the students in the development of theses and dissertations, contributing to the development and adequate progress of the studies carried out, as well as in the writing of reports and scientific articles. The scholarship has a duration of 7 months, and those interested must apply until 03/30/2018. The necessary documents are curriculum vitae containing the list of publications, a copy of the doctoral thesis (.pdf) and two letters of recommendation, all attached and sent by e-mail to the coordinator of the thematic project: Prof. Dr. Alexandre Vaz Pires ( The vacancy is open to Brazilians and foreigners. Any questions or clarifications about the postdoctoral, contact the responsible teacher.

Company/Institution:College of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz, ESALQ, USP
City, State:Piracicaba,
Zip Code:13417-780

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