AETA Mentors

Many AETA members are pleased to cooperate in mentoring or guiding practitioners entering the field of embryo transfer. The following list is provided to facilitate contact between AETA members and practitioners seeking mentors. If you are looking for a mentor and do not see one listed in your area, please check the Membership Directory and contact the individual members in your area directly.

AETA members: please edit your AETA demographics to add or remove your mentor listing.

Name City, State Country Date Posted
Peter R. Schmitt, DVM Dousman, WI United States 3/18/2024
Dr. Brad R. Lindsey, PhD Midway, TX United States 3/5/2024
Dr. David Strathman Visalia, CA United States 3/4/2024
Mr. Damon J. Smith College Station, TX United States 3/1/2024
Ms. Wendy L. Walker Fresno, CA United States 2/21/2024
Matthew Dorshorst, DVM Marshfield, WI United States 2/20/2024
Mark F. James, DVM Wolcottville, IN United States 1/31/2024
Ryan Giles, DVM Hagerstown, MD United States 1/15/2024
Em Mowrer Saint Clairsville, OH United States 1/9/2024
Dr. Nathan Schmidt, DVM Rock Hill, SC United States 1/8/2024
Mr. Bryce Slavik, DVM Westphalia, MI United States 1/3/2024
William S. Croushore, DVM Berlin, PA United States 1/2/2024
Nate Dorshorst, DVM Lodi, WI United States 1/2/2024
Dr. Saar Yavin College Station, TX United States 12/29/2023
Dr. Dennis K. O'Nan Glencoe, OK United States 12/28/2023
Dr. Matthew Bartlett, DVM Hesston, KS United States 12/18/2023
Dr. Tyler Dohlman Ames, IA United States 12/12/2023
Dr. Matt Iager, DVM Boonsboro, MD United States 12/3/2023
Aaron Prososki, DVM Whitewater, WI United States 11/24/2023
Mrs. Anne B. Kulp, DVM Manheim, PA United States 11/21/2023
Reagan B. Brooks Kingsbury, TX United States 10/27/2023
Mr. Ronald G. Clements Watkinsville, GA United States 12/28/2022
Dr. Richard T. Geary, DVM St. Anthony, ID United States 12/27/2022
Ramon Tosta-Duarte Hilmar, CA United States 12/22/2022
Dr. Allen E. Strecker, DVM Lexington, VA United States 12/19/2022
Charles R. Looney, PhD Hope, AR United States 12/13/2022
Dr. Kirk R. Gray, DVM Manhattan, KS United States 12/6/2022
Dr. Greg G. Schueller, DVM Whitewater, WI United States 11/16/2022
Dr. Justin Price DeForest, WI United States 11/10/2022
Dr. Cheryl F. Nelson, DVM Versailles, KY United States 11/8/2022
Dr. David W. Dixon, DVM Rensselaer, IN United States 11/8/2022
Dr. Michael L. Pugh, DVM Waverly, IA United States 1/13/2022
Victor A. Absalon Medina, PhD Galloway, OH United States 10/20/2021
Dr. Larry F. Lanzon, DVM Turlock, CA United States 12/30/2019
Dr. Garrett R. Stewart, DVM Washington, KS United States 3/11/2019
Dr. James R. Spears, PhD Franklin, KY United States 12/5/2018
Dr. Pat Comyn, DVM Madison, VA United States 10/29/2018
Les K. Hutchens Stillwater, OK United States 9/17/2018
Jeremy VanBoening, DVM Alma, NE United States 1/1/2018
Dr. Robert A. Rushmer, VMD Paradise, PA United States 11/29/2017